August 31, 2020

Dear Stakeholder in the Georges Bank Groundfish Fishery:

In April 2000 participants in the 1999 Georges Bank groundfishery were asked to complete a short questionnaire describing their experience in the fishery and providing feedback on stock status and observations from fishing. I am pleased to report that the results of this questionnaire have been compiled and are available at:


I hope you will find these questionnaire results informative.

This questionnaire was used as a test toward providing more structured information on fishing industry observations. Gathering feedback from fishermen is an important part of the information required by the FRCC to assist in our understanding of resource status in making recommendations to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans.

On behalf of the Council, I want to thank all those who participated in the Georges Bank 1999 Fishery Questionnaire for their valuable feedback. I trust that you will continue to participate in future data gathering exercises of this kind.

Yours truly,

                                                                                                  Fred Woodman