November 6, 2001

To stakeholders,

During the week of November 19, 2001, the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (FRCC) will gather information from stakeholders on groundfish stocks off Newfoundland (Areas 0, 2 + 3), and on redfish. This will assist the FRCC in making recommendations to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on groundfish conservation requirements for 2001/2002.

The FRCC will review the scientific assessments conducted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the results of the sentinel surveys and the commercial fishery, as well as other information. The Council will consult with interested stakeholders in the following locations:

November 19 Placentia, Newfoundland – Harold Hotel 9:00 am
November 20 Marystown, Newfoundland – Hotel Marystown 9:00 am
November 21 Harbour Breton, Newfoundland – Lion’s Club 9:00 am

Stocks Off Newfoundland (0, 2+3):

Haddock - 3LNO Redfish - 2+3K American Plaice - 2+3K
Witch Flounder - 2J3KL Greenland halibut - 0B+1B-F Greenland halibut - 2+3KLMNO
Roundnose grenadier - S-A 0 Roundnose grenadier - 2+3 Lumpfish

Cod - 2GH Cod - 3Ps American Plaice - 3Ps
Haddock - 3Ps Pollock - 3Ps Skates - 3LNOPs
Witch Flounder - 3Ps Redfish - Unit 2 - 3Ps4Vs4Wfg+3Pn4Vn (Jun-Dec)
Redfish - 3O (and other redfish stocks)
In its January 2001 report on 3Ps cod, the Council wrote the following:

The FRCC recommends that the 2001/2002 and 2002/2003 TAC for 3Ps cod be set at 15,000t for each year. If a marked change in stock status occurs within the short term then the FRCC will recommend further steps to conserve and rebuild the stock including a recommendation to significantly reduce the TAC.

Accordingly, the Council will be seeking your views as to whether there has been a change in the status of this stock, and whether the TAC for 2002/2003 should be reduced from the January 2001 recommendation.

The Council has been developing a long-term plan for the 3Ps cod stock. You will find attached a one page discussion paper which seeks your views on specific issues with respect to the development of this long-term plan.

The success of these consultations is of interest to all stakeholders in the fishery. Your views are important and we hope you will participate fully.

                                                                                                          Yours truly,
                                                                                                      Fred Woodman