October 26, 2001

To stakeholders,

During the week of November 19, 2001, the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (FRCC) will gather information from stakeholders on groundfish stocks of the Scotian Shelf (Areas 4VWX5Y), off Newfoundland (Areas 0, 2 + 3), and on redfish. This will assist the FRCC in making recommendations to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans on groundfish conservation requirements for 2001/2002.

The FRCC will review the scientific assessments conducted by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, the results of the sentinel surveys and the commercial fishery, as well as other information. The Council will consult with interested stakeholders in the following locations:

Scotian Shelf Stocks (4VWX5Y):

Cod - 4VsW
Cod - 4Vn (M-O)
Cod - 4X+5Y
Haddock - 4TVW
Haddock - 4X+5Y
Pollock - 4VWX5Zc
Flatfishes - 4VW
Flatfishes - 4X+5Y
Silver hake - 4VWX
Argentine - 4VWX
Skates - 4VsW
Wolffish - 4VWX+5Yzc
White hake - 4VW
White hake - 4X+5Zc
Cusk - 4VWX
Monkfish - 4VWX
Atlantic halibut - 3NOPs4VWX5Zc
Redfish Unit 3 - 4WdehklX (and other redfish stocks)

November 19 Barrington, Nova Scotia – Municipal Recreation Centre 6:00 pm
November 20 Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia – Nautical College 2:30 pm
November 21 Halifax/Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Park Place Ramada 9:00 am

Stocks Off Newfoundland (0, 2+3):

Haddock - 3LNO
Redfish - 2+3K
American Plaice - 2+3K

Witch Flounder - 2J3KL
Greenland halibut - 0B+1B-F
Greenland halibut - 2+3KLMNO
Roundnose grenadier - S-A 0
Roundnose grenadier - 2+3 Lumpfish

Cod - 2GH
Cod - 3Ps
American Plaice - 3Ps

Haddock - 3Ps
Pollock - 3Ps
Skates - 3LNOPs

Witch Flounder - 3Ps
Redfish - Unit 2 - 3Ps4Vs4Wfg+3Pn4Vn (Jun-Dec)
Redfish - 3O (and other redfish stocks)

November 19 Placentia, Newfoundland – Harold Hotel 9:00 am
November 20 Marystown, Newfoundland – Hotel Marystown 9:00 am
November 21 Harbour Breton, Newfoundland – Lion’s Club 9:00 am


For Redfish (Unit 1- 4RST+3Pn (Jan-May)+4Vn (Jan-May)) and for stakeholders interested in other redfish stocks who cannot participate in the above consultations, the FRCC is offering a conference call which will be scheduled during the week of November 26. If you are interested in participating in this conference call, please send a fax to the FRCC Secretariat at (613) 998-1146 providing your name, address and telephone number. We will contact these individuals directly with details regarding the conference call.

The success of these consultations is of interest to all stakeholders in the fishery. Your views are important and we hope you will participate fully.

                                                                 Yours truly,
                                                                 Fred Woodman