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August 25, 2020


In November 2003, the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans asked the Fisheries Resource Conservation Council ( FRCC) to devote its time to the development of a long-term conservation strategy for Atlantic Snow Crab. The Minister requested that the snow crab review be modeled on the Atlantic Lobster Conservation Framework developed by the FRCC in 1995.

The development of a strategic approach to the conservation of Atlantic snow crab is the first major task of the Council under its new direction. The FRCC has been tasked with providing long-term strategic advice for conservation of Atlantic snow crab as a guide to the Minister and industry for the future. The Council will not be providing recommendations on total allowable catches (TAC) for the upcoming crab season.

Snow crab has the second largest landed value of Atlantic species at approximately $500 million. The industry, which involves close to 4,000 harvesters, is very important to the coastal economy of Atlantic Canada and Quebec.

As part of its mandate, the Council is announcing that it is undertaking extensive consultations in Atlantic Canada and Quebec with stakeholders in the Atlantic snow crab fishery in early fall 2004. The FRCC invites all stakeholders to take part in the discussions and submit briefs to the FRCC Secretariat. A consultation schedule will be available shortly on the FRCC website ( and will be announced in local papers.

In looking at the long-term sustainability of the resource, the Council will be seeking to identify best practices as well as those factors that are detrimental to the resource. More importantly, the FRCC will be seeking suggestions for additional or alternative management measures and approaches that will contribute to ensuring the conservation of snow crab in Atlantic Canada.

The Council will be addressing issues such as the scientific knowledge base, harvesting efforts and fishing practices, environmental considerations and management regimes.


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