5 Of Mother Nature’s Most Powerful Healing Plants

Photo by Rafał Próchniak / CC BY

For thousands of years the human race has been using plants and herbs for their medicinal and healing needs. Records go back as far as the 6th millennium BC, with prescriptions being written on clay tablets by the Sumerians. The Chinese and the ancient Egyptians also recorded the mixing of plants and herbs for certain ailments, many of which are still used today.

In years past, one person would be the compilation of several; physician, pharmacist, engineer, and chemist. Ancient pharmacists were regarded as some of the highest authorities of their times, with the Japanese ranking the royal pharmacist above the Emperors own physicians. Some of the work being done in ancient times could be compared with the work of a modern day Biomedical Engineer, with prosthetic limbs being recorded by ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans. Medicine is by no means a modern discovery and many plants found right in your own garden can offer relief for a variety of ailments.

California Poppy – This lovely orange flower can be found growing all over the state of California. The plant is an opioid and provides natural relief for anxiety. As a tea it can help to relieve tension, although California state law prohibits anyone from removing it from county highways, state land, or private property without prior approval.

Korean Mint – This plant is known for soothing headaches, calming nervous stomachs, and fighting fatigue. It also has the benefit of keeping breath fresh, so what’s not to like?

Sage – Sage is an incredibly useful plant and was used to preserve meat before refrigeration. Sage is made into a salve for burns, fights an upset stomach, relieves cramps, and is an anti-oxidant.

Sweet Marjoram – This tasty herb is used for cooking (think herbs de Provence), but is also used for its disinfecting, anti-bacterial, and antifungal properties.

Winter Savory – Originally found in Europe, this herb can now be found all around the world. All of the plant is edible and is used to add flavor to stews and soups. Winter Savory is an antiseptic and is extremely effective for soothing stings and bug bites.

If you are suffering from some mild form of nausea, or if you have a bee sting that needs attention you may want to consider a more natural form of medication. Many over the counter medications contain several types of chemicals that in the long run are completely unnecessary.