Learning The Laws!

Working in the world of law can be very interesting, and as there are so many roles that you could potentially work towards, it can be hard to know where to start. Would you be looking to enforce the law? Or would you rather ensure that you are helping people exercise their rights within a legal environment?

Lawyers represent different people and businesses in legal disputes, defense and prosecution and may specialize in one particular area of law, such as criminal law, family law or litigation to name a few. The job can be demanding, but the financial rewards can be great. One of the main aspects of being a lawyer is to represent your client at all times, therefore you are aiming to present the case in the best possible light. The life of a lawyer can be demanding, and depending on your case loads, it’s not unusual to see the volume of work increase during the evenings and weekends.

Anyone interested in becoming a lawyer must  have a bachelor’s degree, and they must attend law school. In addition to this,  U.S. lawyers must pass the state bar before they can legally practice. Becoming a lawyer is hard work, as can being a lawyer. The hours are very rarely set and no two days are ever the same, but for those who strive within a high-pressure environment and enjoy debate will be able to take a lot from the role, as well as being able to bring a lot to the role.

Another role in the legal world that comes from a different viewpoint is the court reporter. Court reporters  create transcripts of legal proceedings. Electronic reports will use audio tools to record conversations, whereas stenographers will use a machine that will allow them to transcribe the conversations taking place within the court in real-time.

The requirements for becoming a court reporter can vary. Electronic writers may be able to learn most of the skills required while they are on the job, whereas becoming a stenographer may require a degree. The skill set required for becoming a court reporter includes the ability to listen and comprehend and having good attention to detail when writing transcripts. There can also be a great deal of computer skills require, such skills can include database software, Courtroom Data Solutions and DepoManage.

Programs that teach voice captioning are certificate programs that last around six months. Stenography or court reporting programs normally lead to an associate’s degree and can take between two and four years to complete. As well as the programs being undertaken, students can also look towards online classes to help them become more proficient. It will also help students build up both speed and accuracy.

Learning The Laws Credit Picture License: CoastalLaw via photopin cc