Paint Fumes & Asbestos: A Threat To Your Unborn Baby

When you are pregnant, there are certain things that you have to avoid to ensure that your pregnancy is as healthy as possible. Asbestos and paint fume exposure is not healthy for anyone, but pregnant women need to be particularly mindful of the dangers. If you are pregnant or considering it, take note of how paint and asbestos may affect you and your unborn baby should you be exposed. You should also learn about asbestos testing kits so that you can ensure that your environment is safe and healthy.

Is Painting Dangerous During Pregnancy?

To put it simply when you are pregnant, you should not be painting. This means that you need to get someone to help you if you plan to paint the nursery for your baby. Paint fumes are especially harmful when you are in your first trimester and they can harm a fetus. As you are painting, there are heavy metals and chemicals that have to vaporize. When these get into the air, you breathe them in and can experience problems. A good rule of thumb is to leave the house or apartment if anyone is there painting to be absolutely safe.

Should Pregnant Women be Exposed to Fresh Paint?

Many experts agree that low exposure is likely not dangerous, however, what constitutes low exposure is something that the experts debate. It is best to avoid exposure to fresh paint and paint fumes completely when you are pregnant. This is especially true if a solvent-based paint is being used in your home. The risk is at its highest when you are in your first trimester because your baby’s organs are beginning to develop. The paint fumes could hinder fetal development, resulting in serious and potentially long-term effects on your baby.

Using an Asbestos Testing Kit

Asbestos is not as commonly used as it once was, but its use has not been completely eradicated either. You want to avoid exposure to asbestos at all costs, especially when you are pregnant. You can still find this dangerous chemical in the following:

a)      Cement sheets

b)      Pipes

c)      Millboar

d)     Siding

e)      Shingles

f)       Flooring

g)      Gaskets

h)      Roofing

It is better to be safe, so an asbestos testing kit can be very useful. If you are moving into a new place, use this kit to see if there is any asbestos present. If you find some, make sure that it is completely and properly removed before you start living in the residence.

The old saying that it is best to be safe than sorry is something all pregnant women should abide by. You can easily avoid paint and asbestos exposure with a little preparation so there is no point in putting yourself at risk. Have someone else tackle any necessary painting during your pregnancy and leave the house while it is being done. With asbestos, use a kit to test for it, and if it is present, make sure that a professional removes it.

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