4 Ways To Live Well In A Small Condo Space

Small living spaces are becoming more commonplace as the population grows and housing becomes scarcer. Just because a person chooses to live in a smaller space does not mean one must give up style or comfort to do so. Living well in a smaller space simply means using the imagination to address ones needs.

  1. Adopt minimalism – A minimalist will tell you that choosing quality pieces of select furniture that serves a purpose is the way to go. Each piece that is chosen for a small space should serve a dual purpose if possible, such as a futon which can double as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. Modern futons are much more comfortable than the old styles that you may be familiar with. A kitchen table that can serve as a desk or a Murphy bed that can be pivoted into the wall unit is another example of dual use furniture. Murphy beds are highly customizable and can be as small as a twin sized bed or as large as a king. A kitchen table can be attached to a wall on one side to enable the user to fold it up to the wall when not in use. Place a piece of artwork on the underside of the table and you now have another dual purpose piece of furniture.
  2. Downsize your appliances – There are manufactures today that make refrigerators small enough to fit under a counter, dishwashers that can fit into a large kitchen drawer and clothes washing machines that are a washer and dryer in one unit. Once the clothes are finished washing the appliance automatically begins the drying process. There are even compact microwaves that are half the size of traditional microwaves. If you are not into baking, a cooktop may be the way to go instead of a traditional stove.
  3. Use color to your advantage – If you have too many different colors in a small space it can make the space appear even smaller. Using lighter colors in the same color family will give the illusion that the room is larger than it really is and keep the eye moving. Too many knick-knacks will make a room appear smaller as well. If you have several collections, display them one at a time in like color groups and change them out when the mood strikes you.
  4. Use see-through and reflective surfaces – If possible, replace kitchen cabinet doors with see through glass doors with will make the kitchen appear larger. Placing mirrors on the walls will reflect natural sunlight and give the illusion of a larger room, making it appear airy and light. Using a Lucite or glass coffee table, end tables or dining room table will keep the room feeling light and open.

Smaller spaces are becoming the wave of the future. Embracing a smaller space and making it your own is easy to do with a bit of imagination and research.

4 Ways To Live Well In A Small Condo Space Credit Picture License: Andypiper via photopin cc