5 Tips For Living More Green

Living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle is becoming more of a requirement than a “hip” thing to do. With record droughts occurring throughout the world, species of animals becoming extinct due to habitat loss, and overpopulation it is becoming more necessary every day to protect our natural resources for future generations. Below we will discuss just a few of the ways we can all live a greener lifestyle.

  1. Save the trees – With the ease of the internet it is easy to reduce the amount of paper waste accumulating in the home. Many credit card companies and utility companies allow consumers to pay their bills online, and upon request will send the monthly statements to an email address. Internet e-cards are a great way to let someone know you are thinking of them without using paper to do so, and if you’re tired of receiving all those unwanted credit card and insurance offers in the mail you can opt out permanently in the United States by contacting each of the three credit reporting agencies.
  2. Go natural – There are ways to clean the home that do not include purchasing a specific and usually toxic, cleaner for each job. Lemons can be used to cut through grease and remove stains. Cold water and Ivory soap is great for removing blood stains. Dawn dishwashing liquid is perfect for removing grease stains from clothing. Baking soda mixed with dish washing liquid will clean soap scum from surfaces. There are literally hundreds of recipes made with natural products that can be found on the internet, or in your local library in the farmer’s almanac.
  3. Perform yearly maintenance – The appliances in your home must be checked and cleaned at least once a year to allow them to run at maximum efficiency. The coils on a refrigerator and on an air conditioner can become clogged if not cleaned regularly. Leaks on a faucet can waste water and cost money if not repaired. Old windows may need to be re-caulked if there are noticeable air leaks. Roofs should be inspected for leaks to avoid mold and mildew from accumulating.
  4. Shut down and unplug – Computers that are left running through the night along with appliances that are left plugged in can consume energy without anyone actually using them. Shutting down and unplugging unused appliances can save a homeowner much needed cash throughout the year.
  5. Consider natural energy – Solar panels use sun rays to generate natural energy and can save a tremendous amount of money every year. Batteries can be attached to stockpile any extra energy that is generated, or it can be pushed back onto the grid for others to use. Wind turbines are another way to use the power of nature to generate energy; the state of Texas generates over 8% of the state’s electricity via wind turbines.

Going green doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are many ways that a household can become green such as saving water by using an incinerating toilet. New technologies are being invented every year that will enable us to live our lives without completely depleting our planets natural resources.

5 Tips For Living More Green Credit Picture License: Kodamakitty via photopin cc